2016 RIO Games


In a few days I will be embarking on another epic adventure with my friend, mentor, and world renowned sports photographer Lou Jones,  to photograph the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I think we all remember as kids, being glued to the TV during the Olympics.  

I see the Olympic games as mankind’s ultimate tribute to competition, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Legends are born, Heroes are made, and a new generation will be inspired. 

This adventure has been over a year in the planning and now I am down to final preparation with gear check, treating my clothes with the latest insect and mosquito repellent and packing. 

I’m really looking forward to returning to Brazil, where I have visited more than a dozen times over the last twenty years… I have always found the Brazilians to be some of the most friendly and hospitable people I have encountered, with a real diversity in culture and some of the best BBQ on the planet. 

I will get the rare opportunity to join Team@Jones for this assignment and shoot with my Friend and photography mentor. 

Lou has decades of Olympic shoots under his belt and is one of the top photographers in the world. 

It’s an honor to join Team@Jones for the first ever olympic games held in the southern hemisphere. 

In spite of the headlines and political turmoil surrounding these games. I have found inspiration in our mission to focus on the people and images that rise to the legacy of the modern Olympics.  Bringing the world together for more than a century. 

Stay tuned for on the ground and behind the scenes updates from RIO!


Go Team USA


Go #Team@Jones