Day 10 - Track & Field

Sunday - August 14, 2016

Today was the first time in the big Arena - Olympic Stadium.  The house was packed with 75,000 spectators for some big medal events like Men’s 100m and 400m.

The size and energy in this place is hard to articulate as it is enormous. This is the event and venue that is quintessential Summer Games. At times it was hard to focus on taking pictures as there were multiple events going on at the same time and it was a bit overwhelming just to be a spectator in such an monumental event.

Getting 75,000 people in and out is no small task.  We tried the new subway and rail system to get to the event which took about 2 1/2 hours. The trip included two buses, two subway transfers and a light rail.  All ran ok, and signage was better that what we have seen in other venues and transportation options. But, the trains and buses were absolutely packed with standing room only.

We will be returning for two more days of Athletics coverage…  Stay tuned.