Day 5 - Equestrian Eventing Jumping

Tuesday - August 9, 2016

Spent the morning back out at the Equestrian Venue watching the medal rounds for the Eventing Jumping - both Team and Individual.  

But first the journey to get there is worth describing... we again ran into a guard that informed us that they do not allow cameras into the venue, but with 12 security tents to enter through we tried another and were allowed in no problem.  The security rules at the events seems to be subjective depending on guard that you end up with.  The security that you see on the streets and along the roads is primarily military.  Around 85,000 troops from all over Brazil are spread around Rio with their tanks, military vehicles, weapons and the Navy is even on scene to patrol the coastline in their battleships.  

The results from the Equestrian Event today saw one medal for Team USA - a bronze individual medal for Phillip Dutton.  The Gold and Silver in both the Team and Individual were shared by the French and German athletes.