Day 13 - Decathlon

Wednesday - August 17, 016

Most of the day was spent at the Rio Olympic Arena watching the first three events of the Decathlon.  Going into the end of Day 1 Team USA's Ashton Eaton was in first place.

Decathlon is a combined event in athletics that spans two days and consists of 10 sports where competitors are judged on their performance and given points in each event.  Traditionally the winner of the Olympic decathlon is given the title of "World's Greatest Athlete".

  1. 100 meters
  2. Long jump
  3. Shot put
  4. High jump
  5. 400 meters
  6. 110 meter hurdles
  7. Discus throw
  8. Pole vault
  9. javelin throw
  10. 1500 meters

Today we also were able to see the final for the Steeplechase, where the Kenyan athlete C. Kipruto won the Gold with a new Olympic Record, and Team USA's Jager won the Silver with his season best time.